LiveStreaming Services

Here in Live Streaming Professionals we do our best to securely deliver the highest quality live video experiences to reach your audience—no matter where they are. We give your audience the best quality video online every time by capturing and transmitting HD video and high quality audio. Latest technology equipment and know-how ensures that our clients always stay satisfied under the most demanding situations.

Business to Business Services:
After consulting us about the technical practices and methodology we can apply to your project you will be ready to make your decision.
Assigning the project means that we take care everything else:

  • Cooperating with your employees or third party in order to check  existing audio/visual equipment
    and connectivity issues.
  • Reconfigure our servers to suite your needs.
  • Programming of the required webpages or work with your client’s programmers to combine our technologies.
  • Testing that everything is working great.
  • Cover you client’s event.
  • Reporting back to you


WebTV-Web Radio Services:
We provide know-how services to existing or startup radio and television stations, who need to transmit their signal on the Internet.

  • Analyse your existing equipment.
  • Analyse you connectivity and bandwidth needs.
  • Provide technical support for all the aspects of the project.
  • Provide streaming server infrastructure.
Business to Client Services:
We use technology to connect you with you loved ones no matter where they are. They only need an internet connection and their smart phone, tablet or laptop to watch your event.

  • Live streaming your kids birthday parties
  • Live streaming your wedding day
  • Live streaming your party